Lift Kits for Tundras

Toyota Tundra has been in the market since 1999, and over the years, it has proven to be very capable and reliable for off-road performance. At Toytec Lifts, we make this experience even better by offering various unique and valuable Toyota Tundra lift kits. 

5 Best Toyota Tundra Lift Kits

1. Toytec Aluma Series Boss Suspension System (00-06 Tundra) 2"-3" Lift

Toytec aluma series boss suspension system for 2000-2006 tundra

The 2000-2006 model Tundra kit includes front Aluma Series coilovers, front diff drop kit, DuroBumps bump stops, rear Aluma series shocks, and upper control arms. The front coilovers are adjustable, offering a 2-3" lift. You can choose from three rear lift options of 1.5" or 2" lifts. The lift kit comes at $1397.97- $2559.24.

2. Toytec Aluma Series Boss Suspension System With 2.5 Coilovers (07+Tundra) 2"-3" Lift

Toytec aluma series boss suspension system with 2.5 coilovers for 2007+ tundra

The TTLKTUN kit is only compatible with the 2007- current model of Toyota Tundra. The kit includes front Toytec 2.5 Aluma Series coilovers, front and rear DuroBumps bump stops, front diff drop Kit, Toytec 2.0 Aluma Series rear shocks, and upper control arms. The front coilovers can be adjusted to 2-3" of lift. At the truck's rear end, you can choose three lift options that provide 1" or 1.5" of lift. The price of this kit ranges from $1807.96- $3178.80

3. Icon Stage 9 Suspension System (07+Tundra)

ICON stage 9 suspension system for 2007+ tundra

The primary focus throughout the development of the ICON stage 9 suspension system for the 2007-current Toyota Tundra was on increasing damping and wheel travel. The components of this kit include;

  • A pair of 2.5 series RXT CDC rear shock kit
  • 5” CDC Coilover kit for remote reservoir
  • Multi-rate RXT kit for rear leaf spring

The K53029 kit is adjustable for 0-3” of front lift height. This kit has a price range of $4,979.80-$5512.75

4. Old Man Emu Bp51 Suspension Kit (07+Tundra)

OME Bp51 Suspension Kit for 20007+ Tundra

Bring race technology to your off-road adventures with the OME’s BP-51 Suspension kit. The complete kit includes:

  • BP51 left and right front coilover assemblies for remote reservoir
  • BP51 right and left rear shock absorbers for remote reservoir
  • Rear and front fitting kits
  • OME rear leaf springs (Dakar)
  • Rear shackle bushing kit
  • OME shackle greasable kit
  • Rear U-bolts accompanied by hardware
  • Brake line and ABS kit for wire relocation

This kit will provide your truck with approximately 2"-2.5" of lift and costs $3890.41

5. King Suspension Lift Kit For 2007+ Toyota Tundra

The KSTUN07 provides your 2007-current Tundra with unmatched on and off-road performance. This bolt-on suspension system kit includes king 2.5 front and rear remote reservoir shocks for 07-current Tundra, total chaos uniball upper control arms, Toytec carrier bearing drop spacers, and Toytec front differential drop kit. This kit provides approximately 1.5” of lift all around the car. It comes at a price range of $3621.38-$4238.88.

How Do I Choose The Best Lift Kit For My Tundra?

Choosing the best lift kit can be challenging because there are many lift kit options for this truck. However, to get the most appropriate match for your truck, you need to consider how you will be using your car—the function is critical. Also, the price should be commensurate with your budget. The appearance you want to achieve should also be a crucial factor.

Can I Use My Original Tires With A Lift Kit?

Yes, if you are just going for the looks. However, if you intend to improve the off-road performance of your truck, consider bigger tires with better traction.

Toytec Installation Guides

If you are looking to equip your Toyota Tundra with a lift kit, we at Toytec Lifts have prepared an in-depth lift kit installation guide to get you through the process. If you get stuck, we can also connect you with one of our multiple dealer shops around your area to help you with the installation.

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