FAQ: 96-02 4Runner

Q. What is a diff drop kit?
The diff drop kit is for 4x4 trucks only, it lowers the front diff 1" to minimize the angles on the front CV axles

Q. Do I need the diff drop kit?
On 4wd models it is a good idea with 3" lifts as it lessens the front CV axle angles

Q. Can I run a 3" front lift on my automatic disconnecting differential 4Runner?
Yes, the ADD trucks can use the 3" kits

Q. Can I Use your 3" lift front spacers with the 3" coil kit for 6" Total lift?
NO, you cannot. 3" is the maximum front lift on these vehicles without replacing, or lowering  the entire front cross member. The control arms, ball joints and Cv axles will not allow more lift. 

Q. Do I need longer shocks with your lift kits?
Yes/N?  For 96-02 4Runner we do recommend longer rear shocks, some have used stock rear shocks but the shock will extend to its limit easily off road. The stock front shocks will work provided they are in good condition. Kits with front coils will benefit from the addition of  OME shocks, they are designed to work with the OME coils.

Q. What is the difference between the coil kits, and the spacer lifts?
The kits with coils in the front will ride slightly better on/off road especially  if used with OME front shocks.  There are also different front coils available for handling the weight of an aftermarket bumper and or winch. The spacers only on the front of the 4Runner ride only slightly firmer if the stock shocks of Tokico front shocks are used.

Q. Is there more stress on front end components (CV axles, joints, and ball joints) if I use your lift with spacers only and not coils?
No, this is a common misconception that is completely false, neither our spacers or kits with front coils cause more stress or wear on front end components than the other. There are however other manufacturers spacers we have seen that will cause problems if too much spacer is over the top plate of the shock.....

Q. Will your lift kit "level" my truck?
The 4Runner kits are available with  either 2" lift rear coils or 3" so you can choose how you want your 4Runner to sit...

Q. What size tire can I run after installing your 3" lift?
We recommend 32x11.50x15 tires, or a 275/70/16 tire on 8" wheels with 4.5" back spacing. We do not guarantee any tire/ wheel fitment due to variations between different tire and wheel manufacturers specs. We recommend "test fitting" any wheel tire/wheel combination you are considering

Q. Will I need an alignment after the lift?
Yes, you will need an alignment after the lift install. We recommend the Camber be set to zero and toe .04 degrees

Q. Will the installation of a lift Void my warranty?
The installation of a lift will not Void the warranty. Coverage on any part that is proven to be damaged as the result of a lift or any condition caused by the install of a lift can be denied for coverage though. There is more warranty information on our Warranty page.