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FTGPS - FunTreks GPS Data Cards

FunTreks makes data cards with tracklogs and waypoints that match offroad trails listed in our books. Simply plug the card into your GPS unit and see your exact position on a topographic background as you move along the trail. The card is NOT designed to be used by itself. You’ll still need the book to see photos of the trail, custom map annotations, trail overview, trail rating, vehicle recommendation, trail stats, contact information and driving tips.

The cards work with most Garmin GPS units as well as a few other brands. If your GPS unit has an SD card slot and can import files in “.GPX” format, it will probably work, even if it’s not on our list. You will need to consult your GPS user’s manual for instructions on importing files to the GPS unit..

Choose from: Colorado, Northern Colorado, California, Arizona, Moab.

  • All trails from the book
  • MicroSD card + Adapter
  • See exactly where you are on the trail
  • Universal GPX files included

What is on the data card?

Start of Trail & Points of Interest (POIs) 
Each FunTreks data card includes the start of each trail from the corresponding book as a custom Point of Interest. Once the card has been inserted, some receivers will ask to import the POIs from the FunTreks data card. We do not recommend importing the POIs to the receiver due to limited amount of internal memory in most units.

Tracks / Breadcrumb Trails 
Tracks that correspond to the complete trail in the book are included on the topographic maps on the data card. Your unit will also show the waypoints that correspond to the waypoints in the book.

Files in GPX Format 

All FunTreks Data Cards include GPS Exchange Format (GPX) files that will work with nearly every GPS unit and computer program that supports GPX files. Some tablet devices may be able to read these files as well. 


Other Non-Supported Uses for GPX Format

  • Google Earth
  • DeLorme Topo North America
  • National Geographic TOPO!
  • Garmin Basecamp & MapSource
  • MotionX GPS (iOS)
  • Gaia GPS (iOS & Android)
  • Backcountry Navigator (Android)
  • Topografix GPX Resources Page

Consult the user manual for your software/device on how to use GPX data with these applications.


Files/Folders on the Card

FunTreks Data Cards include the following folders:
--This folder contains all of the Garmin maps, tracks, and points of interest (POIs) that are automatically loaded on supported Garmin GPS units

--This folder contains GPX files that include the waypoints and full track log for each trail in the book.

--This folder includes GPX files for the trailheads of every trail in the book. These files are useful for getting driving directions to the trailhead of any trail.

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