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Toytec Lifts now offers state of the art alignments for stock or lifted vehicles!

Toytec Lifts Alignment

Come one, come ALL!!

Saturday June 9th, 10am-1pm

Toytec customer appreciation 2018

Toytec Lifts Customer Appreciation Day 2018 is right around the corner!

Upper Control Arm Bolts : Tech Tip Tuesday

We're starting a new weekly video series on our YouTube channel: Tech Tip Tuesday!

Take Great Off-Road Overland Photos | Toytec Lifts

The summer season is just around the corner and we know you’re excited to get out and explore! In order for you to get the most out of your adventure, we thought a few tips for amazing photography would be helpful.

Baja Overland | Rogue Overland

The crew from Rogue Overland put our lift kits to the test during a recent Baja Mexico Overland Trip.


BOSS 2.5 Lift Kit install

Our friends at Wanderlust Overland recently added our BOSS 2.5 Performance Kit on their 5th Gen 4Runner. What a great video!


Toytec Lifts 2017 Gift Guide

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for the explorer in your family? Toytec has you covered with gift ideas to fit any budget or style.

Under $50

Toytec Gift Guide

ARB Premium Recovery Gloves ($15.00)

Keep your hands clean & protected during recovery situations with the ARB Premium Recovery Gloves. Palm & knuckle protection and high-quality synthetic material in ARB Hi-Visibility recovery orange make these the perfect gloves for your kit.


Toytec Gift Guide ARB Tire Kit

ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit ($39.99)

Don't get stuck with a flat tire when you're out exploring! The ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit includes 30 self-vulcanizing plugs and the tools you need to fix your tire quickly & easily.


Toytec Gift Guide Trasharoo

The Trasharoo ($44.99)

The Trasharoo is not only an iconic way to help keep our trails clean, it looks great mounted to your rig! Available in Black, Tan, or Green with the Toytec Logo

Under $100

Toytec Gift Guide ARB Tire Inflator

Digital Inflator from ARB ($52.95)
No more concern about your exact tire pressure with the Digital Inflator from ARB. This clip-on air chuck provides accurate readings and is 23.5" long for ease of use.


Toytec Gift Guide adventure light from ARB

ARB Rechargeable Adventure Light ($56.05)
Don't be left in the dark when a project comes up! The ARB Rechargeable Adventure Lightprovides 600 lumens of LED illumination and includes cables for 12V DC or AC charging.

Toytec Gift Guide ARB Breather kit
 ARB Differential Breather Kit ($68.40)

The ARB Differential Breather Kit uses 8mm tubing to ensure your differentals stay clear & clean when driving through water.


Toytec Gift Guide
 Lotus Slider Adapter ($59.99)

                 Provides a better connection for round tube sliders and helps prevent the tongue of the jack from slipping. 2.25'' Diameter adapter for a nice safe and secure hold while jacking your rig up!

Toytec Gift Guide Hi-Lift Jack

Hi-Lift 48'' Cast/Steel Jack ($85.99)

The iconic Hi-Lift 48" Cast/Steel Jack is one of the first recovery items suggested by experts, for good reason. The 7000lb capacity of this 48" version is suitable for nearly any Toyota 4x4 or SUV.


Under $200

The Rigid D-Series Pro-Flood- PAIR- ($189.99)
The D-Series has always been the most versatile compact lighting package on the market today, Light your explorers life up with a set of Rigid's! 

Toytec Gift Guide

ARB Weekender Recovery Kit ($131.00)

Everything you need for recovery all in one slim package. The ARB Weekender Recovery Kit includes a dynamic recovery strap, shackles, gloves, and a specially designed bag that stows easily in any vehicle.

Toytec Gift Guide
Individual First Aid Kit from Outer Limit Supply. ($150.00)

Ensure your next adventure is safe with the Individual First Aid Kit from Outer Limit Supply. This kit has over 70 items to make sure you're covered for just about any minor medial situation. NOTE: Please obtain appropriate first-aid training prior to any adventure!


Under $1000

Toytec Gift Guide

ARB Twin Compressor ($495.00)

Looking for something special to add to your rig? The ARB Twin Compressor fits neatly under the hood, is high-volume so it can be used without a tank, and can run air tools up to 90PSI.

Toytec Gift Guide ARB Fridge

The ARB 37QT Fridge/Freezer ($806.55 5% off MSRP!)

Drop the cooler & sloshing ice, get the Fridge you've been waiting for! The ARB 37QT Fridge/Freezer is perfect for any vehicle, and for a limited time includes a free Transit Bag.



Of course, a new suspension from Toytec Lifts is
always a great gift for you AND your rig!




FJ Cruiser

Land Cruiser



AdventureToyota Tacoma Lift Kit Review

AdventureToyota took their Tacoma with our Lift Kit out exploring during the Canadian Autumn. How did the truck fare? Watch to find out!

Matt Jones is an avid outdoorsman, Toyota enthusiast, and most importantly a very accomplished professional photographer. He recently made a trip to Southwestern Colorado with his 3rd Gen Toytec Lifted Tacoma and sent us a few shots. 


Matt Jones Photography Toytec Tacoma

Thanks to the support of our awesome customers, it really has been another great summer for Toytec Lifts!

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