Toyota Truck Rear Lift Kit Options


There are many options for your Toyota Truck when it comes to rear lift kits. Unlike coilovers up front, trucks use leaf springs to enable them to handle heavier loads. Depending on your ride quality needs, application, and hauling/towing habits, one of these options will work the best.

Toyota Truck Rear Lift Kit Options

Blocks are easiest to install, they do not change the ride and they are one of the most economical options for rear lift. Unfortunately, they do not add any load carrying capacity; this makes them our least recommended rear lift on the Tacoma trucks because they have weak rear leaf springs which really benefit from and add-a-leaf. Late model Tundra’s have very competent rear leaf springs so generally a block is a good option, and air bags can be beneficial as well (See below).

Toyota Truck Rear Lift Kit Options

Add-a leafs are a good option for rear lift on Tacoma trucks. They will firm up the ride a little (the long add-a-leafs are the best riding), but the additional carrying capacity is nice, they prevent bottoming and allow the truck to maintain a level stance with a little extra weight in the bed. Toytec also offers a Progressive 3 leaf Add-A-Leaf for the Tacoma models that is a better option for someone who carries additional weight in the bed.

Toyota Truck Rear Lift Kit Options

Shackles are a good option on some models but they will firm up the ride slightly and decrease carrying capacity because they push down on the rear half of the spring to achieve lift. Shackles are a good option if you’re going for a little more lift with an add-a-leaf.
Toytec stocks shackles for 95.5 to 2004 Tacoma models in 1” lift and adjustable shackles that have 3 settings, 1”, 1 ½”, and 2” lift.

Replacement Leaf Springs
Complete replacement rear leaf springs are a great rear lift option on all Tacoma models, these springs have more leaf’s and flex well without stiffening the ride too much. If you have over 60,000 miles on your truck and you do some towing or hauling, the complete rear spring option is best as factory rear springs are likely worn out and sitting lower than stock.

Toyota Truck Rear Lift Kit Options

Custom Springs
We can order custom rear springs for the Tacoma and Tundra for basically any additional weight capacity up to the limit of the truck, but these custom springs will be very stiff without additional weight so they should only be used on a truck with a constant load in the bed (i.e. a camper or overland setup).

Rear Airbags
Rear airbags are a great option for towing or hauling a lot of weight in the bed, on the Tundra trucks rear blocks are the most popular option, with airbags added along with the blocks you can add air when towing or carrying heavy loads but still enjoy the stock ride with 5 psi in them and no load. For those doing major off-road driving, airbags will limit rear flex and travel.

Toyota Truck Rear Lift Kit Options

Toytec shocks are matched in length to the amount of lift for the best ride and flex on and off road.

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