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Top selling vehicles by state
We all know how amazing Toyota vehicles are, and of course one of our favorites is the best selling truck in her class: the Toyota Tacoma.

Business Insider recently published a fun map showing the best selling vehicles by state. The legendary for F-Series takes the cake in nearly all states (if you have an F-Series checkout our sister site –, but the Tacoma is the best selling of all vehicles in …. Hawaii. It’s interesting to note also that the Tacoma entry price is the lowest among all trucks in this group.

Just looking around on YouTube as we're planning our 2014 video strategy (yes we have one), and we came across several very interesting videos of Toyota trucks (and Land Cruisers) doing some pretty amazing water tricks.

We know that for many of you a snorkel of some sort is fairly high on the list of modifications, do you plan on using your truck for crazy antics such as this?

Bully Dog for ToyotaWe first heard about the new Bully Dog tuner for Toyota Trucks in the Septemer issue of Tacoma Magazine. We've got in contact with Bully Dog and now have a unit for sale in our store, with more coming soon.

The Bully Dog GT T+ works on many different trucks including Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, and Sequoia, depending on year. The device is under $900 and can net you up to +25hp and +30ft/lb of torque for some configurations. Bully Dog has been a top name in the tuner world for years, so it's very exciting to see a product for Toyota! According to the manufacturer, many vehicles (including the FJ Cruiser) will be supported soon.

See it on our Store

See it on Bully Dog's site.

1979 Toyota 4x4Toyota USA has added a page on their site (2 actually) detailing the history of the Toyota Pickup (compact) and the full-size (T100/Tundra) trucks. It's pretty cool to see all the milestones Toyota has hit over the years in the Truck category.

Old Toyota truck pic

2013 TMMTX Millionth Truck 001A recent Toyota News Release showed off their 1,000,000th truck to roll off the assembly line. A 1794 Edition Tundra was the millionth vehilce to roll out of the plant in San Antonio, TX since it opened less than a decade ago. It was October 2006 when the first Tundra rolled off the line, and Tacoma trucks were added in 2010. One cool feature of the Toyota Texas plant is that free tours are availble on weekdays, you can check out for more details.

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A few photos from our trip to the FJ Summit last week. If you haven't been, make your plans to trek to Ouray next July for FJ Summit #8!

Hanging out on Mineral Creek Trail

Rock Therapy - Moab, UTLess than a month after we got to enjoy Cruise Moab, we had the opportunity to attend the T.a.Co Rock Therapy Event in the rocks of Moab once again. There were over 70 trucks at the event this year including Tacomas, our 4Runner, and (pictured) the Sierra Expeditions Land Cruiser.

Check out for info if you'd like to attend next year!

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