Upper Control Arms

Why do you need Upper Control Arms?


Unlock the full potential of your vehicle's suspension with Upper Control Arms from trusted brands like Toytec, Tuff Country, and Nitro Gear. Here's why you should consider using them:

  • Enhanced suspension geometry for improved performance
  • Increased durability for long-lasting reliability
  • Improved handling and control, especially in challenging terrain
  • Trusted by enthusiasts and professionals alike for top-quality construction
  • Experience smoother rides on both off-road trails and highways

Upgrade your vehicle today and elevate your driving experience with Upper Control Arms from Toytec, Tuff Country, and Nitro Gear.


The All-New Toytec Boxed Upper Control Arm is here!


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Improve Suspension

If your OEM control arms are not providing cushions as they should, an aftermarket suspension is what you need to make your rides enjoyable. These parts are built with extra strength and are durable enough to improve your ride quality for longer. Installing aftermarket upper control arms means you no longer have to worry about those undesired movements between your vehicle’s wheel hub and the chassis.

Here are reasons why you might consider aftermarket upper control arms:

  • Improved ride quality- Since most aftermarket control arms typically weigh less than your vehicle’s original control arms, you will enjoy reduced unsprung suspension weight, resulting in improved ride quality.
  • More potent than OEM control arms- Any part of a vehicle produced in mass is typically a compromise, and that’s no exception to OEM upper control arms. Vehicle manufacturers build these control arms with efficiency and profitability in mind. The result is a control arm made to offer adequate strength.

Adequate strength may be great for driving on highways but not for those who like going off-roading. Aftermarket control arms are built with better materials and superior designs, offering more strength than typical OEM control arms.

  • Better Wheel Alignment- When you lift your vehicle, it may be difficult to align it back to default specs. However, aftermarket upper control arms have different geometry from the OEM ones. They also offer adjustability that allows you to get your vehicle back to the manufacturer’s specs and flexibility during vehicle alignment.

Cater to Your Vehicle

There are many quality aftermarket upper control arms options, and everything narrows down to your preferences and budget. Remember that driving your vehicle with worn-out upper control arms can be dangerous.

Your tires will start wearing out prematurely, and you may experience those annoying bumpy rides. This will make you and your passengers uncomfortable, particularly if you regularly cruise through rough terrains. Purchasing new upper control arms for your vehicle ensures you get top performance from your car.

Shop Toytec Lifts’ Upper Control Arms for Your Toyota

Do you want to replace your vehicle’s upper control arms? You’ve come to the right place. At Toytec Lifts, we have a wide selection of upper control arms for different Toyota vehicle models. We will allow you to search the make and model of your vehicle so you can get the appropriate part for your vehicle. You will find:

  • Tacoma upper control arms
  • Tundra upper control arms
  • Sequoia upper control arms
  • FJ cruiser upper control arms
  • 4Runner upper control arms
  • And more!

Our kits also come with poly bushings, ball joints, and sleeves to make installation more straightforward. Don’t hesitate to check out our collection of upper control arms and place an order today!