1. Skid Plates - Rock Solid Defense for your Toyota

    Skid Plates - Rock Solid Defense for your Toyota

    Skid plates act as armor, shielding your vehicle and protecting it from the harsh impacts of off-roading. With skid plates in place, you can confidently navigate rough terrains, knowing that your Toyota is protected and ready for any challenge that comes its way. In addition, they also prevent the theft of catalytic converters by covering the underside of your vehicle.

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  2. Coilovers


    Toyota, is nearly synonymous with reliability and durability, offers a range of vehicles that are perfect for off-roading adventures. However, to truly maximize the potential of your Toyota, upgrading to front coilovers is a game-changer. Toyota front coilovers not only improve the overall ride quality, handling, and steering of your vehicle, but they also provide the necessary lift and suspension adjustability to tackle harsher terrain with confidence. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and aggressive stance as you elevate your off-roading experience to new heights with Toyota front coilovers. 

    What is a front coilover? 

    While we're sure you know what a

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  3. Shock and Awe

    Shock and Awe

    Selecting the right shocks for your off-road vehicle really begins with what kind of off-roading you’re planning on. A stiff ride can be bone-jarring, but too soft can effect your vehicle’s handling at higher speeds.
    Shocks enhance the overall stability and control of your vehicle, allowing better handling and maneuverability on rough terrain. By maintaining consistent tire contact with the ground, they ensure optimal traction and prevent potential rollovers or loss of control, especially when navigating steep inclines, sharp turns, or rocky landscapes.

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  4. Upgrade Your Toyota with High-Quality Aftermarket Upper Control Arms

    Upgrade Your Toyota with High-Quality Aftermarket Upper Control Arms

    An Upper Control Arm is typically found in vehicles with a double-wishbone or A-arm suspension setup. It is a hinged, usually triangular-shaped arm that connects the vehicle's chassis to the wheel hub or steering knuckle. The upper control arm works in conjunction with the lower control arm, allowing the wheel to move vertically while maintaining proper alignment, stability and handling while the bushings and ball joints provide flexibility and help absorb some of the shock and vibration.

    Upper Control Arms connect the wheel hub and steering knuckle to the vehicle's frame, enabling the wheels to move up and down while maintaining their position relative to the chassis. Here are some key features of upper control arms:

    • Improved handling and stability: Upper control arms help maintain the proper alignment of the wheels, ensuring better handling and stability while driving. They contribute to a smoother, more comfortable ride and assist in maintaining
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  5. Nitro Gear Packages are now available on! 

    Nitro Gear Packages are now available on! 

    A fun-filled, safe, adventurous cruise over remote terrain is what every off-road enthusiast like you dreams about. Off-road accessories come in handy to make that overland adventure a memorable one. At ToytecLifts, as off-road enthusiasts ourselves, we know the importance of upgrading your truck with high-quality, reliable off-road parts. So, we carry a broad spectrum of Nitro Gear Packages to regear your vehicle to compensate for those bigger tires and heavier accesories, to add some miles to your adventure with better performance, better efficiency and less time on the repair rack.

    Nitro Gear is a trusted brand in the differential and axle industry, providing dependable off-road essentials and coming up with new products to meet the evolving needs of every off-road lover. Nitro Gear launches new products after multiple inspections and real-time trials under the supervision of in-house experts to deliver highly professional

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  6. Best Off-Roading Trails Near Denver

    off-roading near Denver

    Colorado offers 4x4 enthusiasts some of the best off-road terrain in the country, and many of the best spots in the state are just a short drive from Denver. If you are looking for a new trail to explore with your new gear from Toytec, check out one of these unforgettable off-road trails near Denver.


    Switzerland Trail

    This trail is located outside Boulder and offers riders an unforgettable experience full of mountain vistas, abandoned mines, and groves of aspen and conifer forests. It was originally a railroad line, so the road is moderate throughout most of the trail. It is a perfect place for those new to off-roading or those just looking to enjoy a beautiful drive in their 4x4 vehicle.

    Slaughterhouse Gulch

    This beautiful drive is located just outside Denver and can be found up highway 285 near the town of Bailey. This trail features narrow roads, tight trees, and fields of wildflowers. This trail features an 11-mile loop that is perfect

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  7. Top Tacoma Bumpers

    tacoma bumpers

    Tacoma has come a long way since it first arrived in the United States. The first generation Tacoma was introduced to the U.S. market in 1995 as a replacement for the Toyota Pickup, which was later rebranded to Hilux. The Tacoma was built for comfort and capability and has quickly become one of the most popular trucks on the market. While the Tacoma is engineered to be durable and tough, sometimes it might need a little enhancement and care to increase functionality. With aftermarket parts like bumpers, you can give your Toyota Tacoma the look you want while improving its functionality.

    At Toytec, we carry an extensive range of Tacoma bumpers, available in countless style options and price ranges. These bumpers are designed for different model years, ensuring you find the right fit for your vehicle. Here are a few of our favorite Tacoma bumpers at Toytec.

    LB3TAC - Lil Bs

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  8. Complete List of Off-road Modifications You Can Make To Your Vehicle

    off-road modifications

    If you want to modify your vehicle for off-roading but are unsure what the best modifications for your truck are, you’ve come to the right place. Driving on rough terrain can typically do great damage to your vehicle over time. Fortunately, there are endless opportunities for off-road upgrades available for your truck at Toytec. Therefore, before you set off for your next adventure, consider the following upgrades:

    • Upgraded Bumpers Front and Back

    The front and rear bumpers are among the best modifications that can completely change the appearance and function of your truck. Bumpers, especially the front one, protect your vehicle from possible collisions and against the elements. Additionally, bumpers allow for other modifications like added lights.

    • Lift Kit

    The second modification you might need to consider is a

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  9. How to Install Off-Road Lights

    off-road lights

    When you find yourself deep in the wilderness after a successful day of off-roading, you need more than just stock headlights to guide your way back to solid pavement. Off-road lights are available in many shapes and sizes and include roof-mounted light bars, bumper-mounted spotlights, grille-mounted lights, etc. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of wiring your new lights, so they are ready to be utilized at a moment’s notice.

    What You Will Need

    The lights you purchased may come with a wiring kit that includes some of these parts below. Depending on what was included, you may need to add or subtract from this list:

    • Wiring
    • Relay
    • Switch
    • Fuses
    • Connectors
    • Zip Ties
    • Power Drill
    • Ratchet and sockets

    How to wire multiple off-road lights to one switch

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  10. Top Tundra Bumpers

    The Toyota Tundra is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable truck that can handle your needs. Its off-road capabilities are loved by many, and it’s one of the best mid-sized trucks on the market. At Toytec Lifts, we supply the bumpers and accessories you need to upgrade your Tundra for superior off-road performance. Below are a few of our current favorite bumpers.

    3 Best Toyota Tundra Bumpers

    1. SCO-RBTUN14 - Scorpion HD Rear Bumper with LED Cube Lights - 2014-2021 Tundra

    The SCO-RBTUN14 is perfect for the 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra models. This rear bumper is manufactured using cold roll steel and high-precision lasers. The lasers are used to cut the bumpers, while CNC press brakes are used to create the desired bumper shape.

    The rear bumper comes with LED cube lights and incorporates everything t

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