King Shocks

King Shocks

Toyotas have taken the off-roading world by storm, with solid frame/body builds, reliable stock parts, and rugged designs that just inspire Toyota drivers to eat up the terrain whenever they take them off-road. But if you want to get serious, you need a strong suspension build for your Toyota that is capable of taking punishment a lot better than stock setups. You need King shocks.

King has been around for over 20 years, offering quality shock absorber kits for high-end off-roading kits on Toyota trucks. Every build is different, with each rig basically being custom designed to fit a certain kind of terrain or task. Whether it is rock-crawling, long-travel expeditions, or just looking cool. This is why King shocks are designed with specific duties in mind. From solid utility vehicles to professional off-road racing builds, there is a King shock absorber that will get the job done best.

King shocks bolt right on to existing OEM parts, but are clearly high-performance parts designed to take punishment as well as allow your build the capability of full-on customization depending on the needs. They also provide the ability to customize your suspension with adjustability, compatibility with existing stock and custom lift kits, and durability that will take your Toyota to the ends of the earth if that's where you are going.

King Shocks Offered by Toytec

King is known for dependability and high performance in your Toyota rigs. Contact us before your next build, to see which King shocks are right for you. Whether it is a long-travel expedition or an off-road racing build, we have the King shocks you have been looking for. Rock crawlers, racers, or just people who want simply the best in shocks all choose King.


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