Skid Plates and Sliders

You wouldn’t expect a professional football player to compete without pads or a helmet, so why would you attempt any serious off-roading excursion without skid plates and rock sliders for your Toyota 4Runner, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, or any other vehicle?

Skid plates and rock sliders essentially function as a suit of armor against harmful obstructions that might damage your vehicle during an off-road adventure; though they can easily be lumped together, these two types of products actually serve unique purposes for off-roaders.


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  1. LCAS-2 - Bolt on Rear Lower Control Arm Skids (96-02 4Runner)
    LCAS-2 - Bolt on Rear Lower Control Arm Skids (96-02 4Runner)
    Brand: Toytec Lifts SKU: LCAS-2
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What Are Skid Plates?

Skid plates are sheets of abrasion-resistant materials that are fitted to vehicles as a means of protecting vital components. The interesting thing about skid plates is that drivers have some control over precisely which areas they protect; the most common skid plate placements include front center, belly pan, and lower A arm. You can choose to place your skid plate in the area that you’re most concerned about shielding from rocks, logs, and other potentially damaging debris.

What Are Rock Sliders?

Rock sliders serve a similar function to skid plates, but in a different area of the vehicle. These products are generally attached to the chassis along the side of the vehicle just below the door sills. Because rock sliders are typically made of steel, they protect the door sills and bottoms from any damage when crossing rocks and other large obstacles.

What Are The Benefits of Skid Plates and Sliders?

For those who want to preserve the integrity of their off-roading vehicles for as long as possible, there’s simply no question of the value of skid plates and sliders. These items ensure that your vehicle will remain functional and intact for years to come, regardless of how many risky adventures you may take in the meantime.

Of course, skid plates and sliders don’t last forever. When you notice that your skid plate or rock slider has taken enough beatings that it’s beginning to show serious signs of wear, particularly if it’s to the point that it might be weak enough to allow your vehicle to be damaged, it’s time to invest in an update.

Why Toytec?

At Toytec, we aim to make your off-roading experience as enjoyable, safe, and seamless as possible. To achieve that goal, we carry skid plates and sliders from a wide range of well-known brands in the industry, capable of accommodating many different Toyota models from a range of years.

Whether you have your heart set on specific Tacoma skid plates and rock sliders or you are looking to shop around for the perfect solution, our knowledgeable team with experience in off-roading can certainly help.

For more information about the skid plates and sliders that Toytec carries, or for answers to any specific questions you may have on the topic, feel free to contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist. Once you’ve selected the ideal solution for your needs, we can provide an installation guide to make the process go as smoothly as possible.