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  1. How to Pick a Rooftop Tent

    how to pick a rooftop tent

    Camping is a brilliant way of spending time outside with friends and family members. However, you need to have a good truck tent on your checklist for optimum comfort and safety. If you have an off-road vehicle and you are wondering how you can make your off-road experience positively memorable, then you are in the right place. This article will provide you with all the details you may require to get the best truck rooftop tent for your camping trip.

    But before we get into the 'how' of picking a tent, let's understand why you need this great product.

    Why Do You Need a Truck Tent?

    Compared to a regular camping tent, a pickup truck tent has more and better to offer. Some of the benefits of a pickup tent include:

    • An even and smoother sleeping surface
    • A break from crawling insects and other dangerous animals
    • Power to light and warm your tent. You will also have a place to charge your phone and other gadgets.
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  2. Are Cold Air Intakes Worth the Money?

    Are Cold Air Intakes Worth the Money?

    If you want to upgrade your vehicle's performance, a cold air intake is one of the most valuable additions you should consider. Of course, there are many engine modifications such as superchargers, turbos, and exhaust systems, but honestly, these parts are costly, and you'll need a lot of time to install them. On the other hand, aftermarket intakes are relatively less expensive modifications and easier to fix than other engine upgrades.

    Cold air intakes can be a brilliant way to enhance the sound, widen pipes for excellent airflow, increase performance features like torque, horsepower, and acceleration, and make driving your car more fun. No wonder everybody wants them. But are they worth the money? Top-rate professionals from Toytec Lifts have broken down what a cold air intake really is and why you need it.


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