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  1. Top Tundra Bumpers

    The Toyota Tundra is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable truck that can handle your needs. Its off-road capabilities are loved by many, and it’s one of the best mid-sized trucks on the market. At Toytec Lifts, we supply the bumpers and accessories you need to upgrade your Tundra for superior off-road performance. Below are a few of our current favorite bumpers.

    3 Best Toyota Tundra Bumpers

    1. SCO-RBTUN14 - Scorpion HD Rear Bumper with LED Cube Lights - 2014-2021 Tundra

    The SCO-RBTUN14 is perfect for the 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra models. This rear bumper is manufactured using cold roll steel and high-precision lasers. The lasers are used to cut the bumpers, while CNC press brakes are used to create the desired bumper shape.

    The rear bumper comes with LED cube lights and incorporates everything t

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  2. Top 4Runner 5th Generation Bumpers

    top 4runner 5th generation bumpers

    To many motorists, a car bumper is an afterthought element needed solely for decorative purposes. For avid off-road road enthusiasts, a bumper is so much more. A good aftermarket bumper offers shorter overhangs, provides a more compact body, helps your vehicle handle the hardest impacts, allows more aftermarket attachments, room for enhanced tires, and more.

    An aftermarket bumper is considered an essential accessory for off-roaders, weekend warriors, and those drivers looking to amplify their 4Runners ability. So, if you own a Toyota and looking to improve its appearance and functionality, adding an aftermath front bumper will help you and your vehicle tackle any road in style.

    Top 4Runner 5th Generation Bumpers

    Below are the best options from you can use to add a little more protection and winch to your Toyota truck.


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