1. How to Use a Winch For Off-Road Recovery

    how to use a winch for off-road recovery

    What is a Winch and What Does it Do?

    There are instances during an off-road expedition where you need to be “primed and ready to pull”, and that is exactly what the winch is for. It's a trusty pulling tool that is most often attached to the front bumper and provides the ability to get you moving again when you are rendered completely stuck.


    Types of Winches

    Electric Winches utilize the power from the car's own electrical system and are not as difficult to install as hydraulic winches. After the fairly simple mount, only a few wires are left to connect, and they tend to be the most popular choice for trail hounds worldwide. In some cases, a battery that is dedicated to the winch can prove to be more reliable, and a deep cycle battery with less output can also be used to effectively conserve power.


    Hydraulic Winches have a reputation for

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  2. How To Choose Rock Sliders

    how to choose rock sliders

    What are Rock Sliders and What do They do?

    Rocks and ruts are a few of the occupational hazards that your well-equipped off-road model will contend with on each run, and they provide the thrills and spills factor that everyone who ever took a long peek at aftermarket parts daydreams about! Rock sliders and Rocker guards are there to protect your beloved truck or UTV from various rocks and stumps while creating the necessary stronghold of a pivot point to avert obstacles.

    What's the Difference Between a Rock Slider and a Rock Guard?

    Rock sliders usually stick out from the body of the vehicle after being attached to the frame. They are composed of extra-durable materials to assure that the vehicle endures grade-A protection, and help to keep the vehicle out of harm's way from anything that could impact itself forcefully into the rocker panel. Rocker guards are designed to run handily

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  3. 10 Recovery Equipment Must-Haves

    off-road recovery equipment must haves

    Top 10 Recovery Equipment Must Haves

    While fully engaged in an off-road adventure that is raising your heart rate, constantly seeing you check your clearance level, and may render you suddenly stuck, the “kit-packed” essentials are always standing by to free you. There are a number of items in the off-road realm that will see you gracefully out of some of the toughest spots you can imagine, and get you quickly moving again. These are some of the best offerings out there to bring along to make sure that your off-road outing doesn't end before the most thrilling dips and turns take place.


    1. Recovery Kit

    An off-road recovery kit comes equipped with a powerful strap and bow shackles that make way for another vehicle to properly hook onto yours and get you moving again after sinking in sand or otherwise spinning your wheels. Many come with a very han

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  4. Best Places to go Off-Roading in The Winter

    winter off-roading

    Once the snow starts to fall and the days are noticeably shorter, many who love their time spent outdoors are forced to be patient for warmer days and tough it out. Fortunately, if off-roading happens to be your forte, you can be equipped adequately enough to plow through the white stuff in a blaze of adrenaline-laced glory! You'll want to make sure you contact the local authorities in parks and ranger positions and other winter off-roading experts to see if the trails are open, because a few feet of powder dumped on a snow packed base may foil your plans for just a few days.


    Tips For Winter Off-Roading

    One of the most common mistakes made by newbies is assuming that having a 4-wheel-drive will allow them to tighten their steering around corners so drastically that they lose control. It's always best to find a large parking lot after business hours and get used to just how different the ice is on a flat surface before hitting the hazard-filled

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  5. What to Know Before Off-Roading

    what to know before off-roading

    Determine Which Type of Off-Roading You Want to do

    When you are daydreaming about heading off-road and kicking up dirt while pushing your truck's abilities to the limit, the urge to run right out the door quickly may overtake you! While it would be fantastic if off-roading was a very “turn-key” and minimal prep activity, that is not the case. Having a firm knowledge of what type of terrain is close to your region can steer you in the right direction of which type of vehicle to acquire.


    Light Trails are an excellent entry-point to learn handling and angling minus the solid presence of concrete, and fire roads are one example. Some of the recently released crossover family SUVs claim to have the capability for these locations, but a well-equipped off-road number is most ideal in case there happens to be washed-out sec

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