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  1. Upgrade Your Toyota with High-Quality Aftermarket Upper Control Arms

    Upgrade Your Toyota with High-Quality Aftermarket Upper Control Arms

    An Upper Control Arm is typically found in vehicles with a double-wishbone or A-arm suspension setup. It is a hinged, usually triangular-shaped arm that connects the vehicle's chassis to the wheel hub or steering knuckle. The upper control arm works in conjunction with the lower control arm, allowing the wheel to move vertically while maintaining proper alignment, stability and handling while the bushings and ball joints provide flexibility and help absorb some of the shock and vibration.

    Upper Control Arms connect the wheel hub and steering knuckle to the vehicle's frame, enabling the wheels to move up and down while maintaining their position relative to the chassis. Here are some key features of upper control arms:

    • Improved handling and stability: Upper control arms help maintain the proper alignment of the wheels, ensuring better handling and stability while driving. They contribute to a smoother, more comfortable ride and assist in maintaining
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  2. How to Choose a Lift Kit for Your Truck

    how to choose a lift kit

    You may be traveling daily on the urban highway or racing through incredible wilderness settings daily. Whichever one you frequent; you have likely taken notice of the passing Jeeps and trucks that have been equipped with a lift kit. We all want our own truck to be the best-equipped, and so there are just a few things to consider before you are ready for your new look and stature.  


    Questions to Ask Before You Get A Lift Kit

    What Type of Off-Roading Do You Plan to Do?

    To make sure that you select the lift kit that is best for you, you'll want to think about whether you want to drive mostly on the weekends or tackle the roughest of terrain daily. If the much smoother ride is a priority for you, include into your decision the issue of a bit of extra effort to get in and out of the cab is worth it.. (we think it is!)


    What Type of Vehicle You Have?

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  3. Lift Vs. Leveling Kit – What’s The Difference, And What’s Right For You?

    If you want to improve off-roading performance, a lift kit or a leveling kit is a great option, and will allow you to raise your vehicle further from the ground for better clearance. Some of these kits also let you get more space to mount large, knobby tires that handle tough off-road conditions. But what’s the difference between the two, and what’s the right choice for your 4x4? Find out!


    What’s A Lift Kit?

    lift kit

    A suspension lift kit, or a “lift kit” for short, consists of a variety of different suspension components like shocks, struts, replacement leaf springs, new control arms and trailing arms. The specific parts may vary depending on the truck or SUV, and the height of the lift.


    These suspension parts replace your existing suspension, lifting the body of your truck higher from the

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