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  1. Best Off-Roading in Colorado

    best colorado off-roading

    Why Colorado Offers the Best Off-Road Trails

    When off-roaders dream of their ideal terrain, the state of Colorado is considered nearly impossible to top for many reasons! Many explorers are just as astonished when they first see the mountains as they are with the ocean, and from jutted rocky and snow-covered peaks to foothills trails with abundant challenges there's something for everyone, year-round. 


    Very large regions of this high-altitude playground feel completely untamed as logs, boulders, rivers, and even sand dunes along with every other type of obstacle can be found with a little bit of adventure.


    This state has so much to offer for those who love off-roading that it would require weeks on end to check out every single trail! For those up to the challenge of any increment or difficulty level, here are 7 of Colorado's very best places to let a bit of the air out, double-check the bumpers, and prepare

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  2. When to Replace Your Shocks and Struts

    when to replace shocks

    How do I Know When My Shocks Need to Be Replaced?

    Your engine can be in top shape, the tires inflated (or deflated) to the perfect level, and your vehicle's LED lights ready to conquer the darkness of night, but to be fully ready to roll in the off-road realm, your shocks and struts are a very important factor. If you want your car to have the most cushioned ride possible, and to feel that you have a solid connection to the pavement or wide-open tundra while driving, don’t leave these pieces up to chance.

    Time does a number on eroding the capability and performance of shocks and struts, and after they are replaced with premium parts from us here at Toytec you're going to enjoy many more years of peak performance.


    What are the Signs of Bad Shocks?

    If you notice that your steering response feels off, your sixth sense and intuition are usually o

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  3. How to Use a Winch For Off-Road Recovery

    how to use a winch for off-road recovery

    What is a Winch and What Does it Do?

    There are instances during an off-road expedition where you need to be “primed and ready to pull”, and that is exactly what the winch is for. It's a trusty pulling tool that is most often attached to the front bumper and provides the ability to get you moving again when you are rendered completely stuck.


    Types of Winches

    Electric Winches utilize the power from the car's own electrical system and are not as difficult to install as hydraulic winches. After the fairly simple mount, only a few wires are left to connect, and they tend to be the most popular choice for trail hounds worldwide. In some cases, a battery that is dedicated to the winch can prove to be more reliable, and a deep cycle battery with less output can also be used to effectively conserve power.


    Hydraulic Winches have a reputation for

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  4. How To Choose Rock Sliders

    how to choose rock sliders

    What are Rock Sliders and What do They do?

    Rocks and ruts are a few of the occupational hazards that your well-equipped off-road model will contend with on each run, and they provide the thrills and spills factor that everyone who ever took a long peek at aftermarket parts daydreams about! Rock sliders and Rocker guards are there to protect your beloved truck or UTV from various rocks and stumps while creating the necessary stronghold of a pivot point to avert obstacles.

    What's the Difference Between a Rock Slider and a Rock Guard?

    Rock sliders usually stick out from the body of the vehicle after being attached to the frame. They are composed of extra-durable materials to assure that the vehicle endures grade-A protection, and help to keep the vehicle out of harm's way from anything that could impact itself forcefully into the rocker panel. Rocker guards are designed to run handily

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