how to install running boards

Safety is paramount when boarding and alighting your truck or SUV. For this reason, many truck owners opt to install running boards on their vehicles to enhance their safety and that of other passengers. The installation process is not a walkover, but with the right skills, it can be very straightforward. Experts from Toytec Lifts have prepared an in-depth guide to help you install running boards on your truck safely. Read on!

The Installation Process

Besides offering safety, running boards also enhance your truck’s external look. The installation process is quite simple, taking an hour or two. First, you are required to have the following tools:

  • Box end wrenches
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Safety glasses and gloves
  • A mat

After gathering the necessary tools, below is a step-by-step procedure for an effective installation:

  1. Insert the b
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