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  1. Top Suspension Mistakes

    Mistakes are part of life, and we've all got it wrong at some point. However, while everybody makes mistakes, there are times when you badly want to minimize or completely avoid them. One of these scenarios is when it comes to handling your car's suspension.

    Whether you want to modify or upgrade the suspension system, give it a slight lift, or add a long travel system, it is important to avoid potential mistakes that can become costly to correct thereafter.

    Experts from Toytec Lifts have highlighted the top 5 suspension mistakes to watch out for when modifying your Toyota truck's suspension system. Read on to learn from other people's mistakes before committing them yourself.

    1. Not Thinking of Your Suspension as a System

    The first mistake that people make is not thinking about their suspension as a complete system. Your suspension consists of different parts that work jointly to make it effective. Since they work in harmony, replacing

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  2. Guide to Shocks and Struts

    toyota shocks

    Shock and struts are important parts of a vehicle's suspension system. They help enhance your comfort on the road and ensure the tires are in safe contact with the road surface. However, although these parts perform the same job on your vehicle – taking the motive energy and damping the movement of the spring – they cannot be used to replace each other. This is because different vehicles are designed with either a strut or a shock at each wheel but not both.

    In this guide, professionals from Toytec Lifts will answer the most frequently asked questions about the suspension system and discuss what shocks and struts are and how they work.

    What Are Shocks?

    A shock, sometimes known as a shock absorber, is an oil pump usually located between the frame and wheels of a vehicle. Its main job is to reduce spring oscillations, which helps control the suspension's movement.

    Without a shock, the springs on a car will bounce excessively each time it

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