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  1. What Are Control Arms and What Do They Do?

    What Are Control Arms?

    The suspension system in your car is the connection of your wheels, springs, shock absorbers, and other car parts which maximize contact between your tires and the road. A control arm, also sometimes referred to as an A-arm, is a fundamental aspect of your suspension system, connecting your car frame to the front wheel hubs.

    Suspension components known as bushings and ball joints can be found on either end of a control arm. The primary function of the control arm is to guide the car's wheels up and down on the road and control proper steering.


    How Do Control Arms Work?

    The bushings that are connected to the control arms are flexible and cause the control arms to swing upwards and downwards when driving on rough terrain and other road surfaces so the car can stay on the road. A swivelling ball joint connected to the control arm enables the car to be turned in a specific direction.

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  2. Guide to Coilovers - Everything You Need to Know

    toytec coilovers

    What are Coilovers?

    Coilovers are suspension upgrade components that derive their name from "coil spring over shock absorbers." They are coil springs that cover a strut or a shock absorber. A coilover comes with shocks and springs that are preassembled and designed to work in tandem. A properly installed coilover will reduce the wheel gap to make your car look more appealing and improve its performance and handling.

    The ordinary suspension system comes with a shock absorber or strut, a coil spring, and a controlling arm. The strut holds the weight of the vehicles, and it's where the spring is mounted in most cases. This allows the wheel to move up towards the vehicle's body whenever there's compression on the strut or spring. A coilover functions similarly since it comes with a long coil covering the strut to allow upward movement whenever the shock or spring compresses.

    How Much Do Coilovers Cost?

    The cost of a coilover

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  3. Different Types of Off-road Lights

    off-road lighting

    Nothing feels better than cruising rough terrains. Whether you’re using a recreational vehicle, SUV, or an off-road truck, equipping your vehicle with the best lighting will improve visibility and make the drive safer and more enjoyable.

    At Toytec Lifts, we have a wide range of off-road lighting options with different beam patterns, color temperatures, prices, and mounting positions. Below are some of the best off-road lights to consider:


    Bulb Type

    Bulbs come as either high-intensity discharge, LED, or halogen lights.

    Halogen bulbs: If you have a tight budget, a halogen bulb may be what you need. However, the bulbs have a short lifespan and may not offer the illumination produced by other bulb types.

    High-intensity discharge: HID lights have the best illumination and are better than halogen lights. They have a more extended l

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