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  1. Off-Roading Tips For Beginners

    off-roading tips for beginners

    When you see experienced drivers making their way through challenging terrain, it's easy to think that you will be able to do the same! There are many pointers and practical forms of advice to follow, and all of us here at Toytec lifts will provide some of the basics here for you on the blog to get your feet wet before the full-on journey!

    The Top Off-Roading Tips for Beginners

    Prepare and Plan 

    Whether it's an extra-long session with the trail map, going over your supplies one more time, or thoroughly checking tire pressure and fluid levels again, preparing and planning is key to a safe journey.


    Take it Easy At First

    When you get a view on TV or the web of a professional blasting rapidly through various off-road challenges, it naturally can make you want to do the same. To have a successful time on any challenging trail, a smooth and steady operation

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  2. The Best Overland Camping Equipment

    best overland camping equipment

    The backcountry can be the best place to adventure with friends and family while making memories. In order to do it right you need the right vehicle along with the right back-country camping equipment. These 4 are great starting points for anyone ready to set their sights on sleeping bags and fresh catch simmering over a campfire for the weekend!


    Best Overland Camping Equipment

    Rooftop Tent

    rooftop tent

    Rather than having to spend time staking out where you want your tent and dealing with the elements the ground provides, rooftop tents pop up right from the top of the vehicle. They are a great way to take in some stars on a summer night and make the most

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  3. Benefits of a Complete Lift Kit

    What is a Complete Lift Kit?

    The 4-wheel-drive vehicles that are trusty enough to see you through the best of trail excursions become more trail-ready with aftermarket parts such as lift kits. The modification in the form of a lift kit raises the vehicle's height to help by avoiding obstacles on the ground. These useful kits contain the parts needed to give you a steeper approach, as well as the useful option to boast bigger and knobbier tires.


    What are the Benefits of a Complete Lift Kit?

    Increased Clearance: During the process of navigating through off-road territory that is demanding, having a bit of distance between the undercarriage and the trail surface is mandatory. Keeping the valuable frame further away from uneven or rough roads protects you as well, as any jutted or foreign objects can affect clearance.

    Being Able to Drive Through Tougher Terrain has been

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