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  1. Total Chaos Fabrication: Long Travel Kits for Off-Road Trucks

    Total Chaos Fabrication: Long Travel Kits for Off-Road Trucks

    Total Chaos Fabrication makes long travel kits for off-road trucks. These kits increase the amount of travel that the wheels can make, which makes the truck better at handling rough terrain.

    How Long Travel Kits Work

    Long travel kits work by making the suspension wider. This gives the wheels more room to move up and down without hitting the body of the truck. The increased travel gives the truck more traction on uneven terrain and helps it to avoid bottoming out.

    The Benefits of Long Travel Kits

    Long travel kits offer a number of benefits for off-road trucks, including:

    • Better traction on uneven terrain
    • Improved stability when cornering
    • Reduced
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  2. The great Frontier

    The great Frontier

    Frontier Truck Gear ranch-style bumpers are a great way to add durability, style, and functionality to your truck. These bumpers are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. They also come with a variety of features that make them versatile and easy to use.

    What's a Ranch Bumper? 

    A ranch bumper is a heavy-duty bumper usually finished with a high-quality diamond powder coat. It's designed for trucks that undergo daily wear and tear, especially during the loading and unloading process. With Frontier Truck Gear bumpers, you get the advantage of a bumper manufactured with plated steel, reinforced with maximum weld points, and designed to support rather than weigh down your front suspension. So, how do they make a difference? Check out our three best-selling ranch

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  3. Bumps to Bliss

    Bumps to Bliss

    From Bumps to Bliss: Bilstein Shocks Offer Legendary Off-Road Experience 

    Are you still dreaming of a smooth off-road ride? Wake-up. It's time for some real show with a performance industry pioneer, Bilstein Shocks.  

    Upgrade your vehicle's suspension with Bilstein shocks and coilovers for a smooth and comfortable ride over any terrain. Bilstein is a leader in the performance aftermarket industry, and their shocks are designed to provide superior handling, control, and stability.

    Here are some of the benefits of Bilstein shocks:

    • Remote reservoir: The remote reservoir provides additional cooling capacity, which helps to prevent shock fade.
    • Monotube
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