Skid Plates - Rock Solid Defense for your Toyota

For an off-road enthusiast like you, your Toyota truck is more than a mere vehicle; it is a passionate companion that unlocks your love for off-roading. It is a reliable partner, conquering various terrains and taking you on thrilling adventures. Your immeasurable affection for it knows no bounds. Nonetheless, hidden rocks, tree roots, and unforeseen obstacles can threaten the vital components underneath your off-road companion. Here’s where skid plates come into play.

Skid plates act as armor, shielding your vehicle and protecting it from the harsh impacts of off-roading. With skid plates in place, you can confidently navigate rough terrains, knowing that your Toyota is protected and ready for any challenge that comes its way. In addition, they also prevent the theft of catalytic converters by covering the underside of your vehicle.

At Toyteclifts, we understand your love for your companion trucks and provide a broad collection of efficient skid plates to protect them. Be it your Toyota 4Runner, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, or any other model, we have the best compatible skid plates from Scorpion Extreme Products for adrenaline-pumping off-road rides. Visit upgrade your Toyota with our protective Scorpion skid plates, and get set for the trails.

This blog gives you a glimpse of the features and characteristics of a few catalytic converter skid plates available at Toyteclifts .

KT09303 - Scorpion Catalytic Converter & Transmission Security Skid Plate - 07-21 Tundra 08-20 Sequoia

The KT09301 Scorpion Catalytic Converter and Transmission Security Skid Plate, specially designed for your Tundra 07-21 and Sequoia 08-20, offers high-end protection to the underside auto parts. Its innovative design perfectly integrates into your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit without compromising ground clearance and increasing your truck’s off-road performance.

Built with lightweight aluminum, the KT09301 Scorpion skid plate acts like an impenetrable shield, safeguarding your catalytic converter and transmission pan from theft attempts and potential damage during off-road adventures. Thus, saving you bucks in the repair and replacement of crucial components. In addition, this aftermarket catalytic converter skid plate is easy to install following a simple bolt-on installation process and requires no drilling.


KT09301 - Scorpion Catalytic Converter & Transmission Security Skid Plate - Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser

If you own a Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, or FJ Cruiser, look no further than KT09301 Scorpion Catalytic Converter and Transmission Security Skid Plate to optimally secure your underbody components from damage due to rocks and debris off-road. It covers the whole of the transmission pan, thus making the theft of vital parts like catalytic converters impossible.

KT09301 catalytic converter skid plate with a limited lifetime warranty is an effective aftermarket modification to cover your Toyota’s front base holding the base frame intact and improving traction. As this Toyota Tacoma skid plate is made of aluminum, it does not add to your truck’s overall weight and stays rust-free for your endless off-road trips.


T4R-10-Front - RCI Metalworks Engine Skid Plate (10-22- 4Runner/GX460/10-14 FJ)

Smooth and flat, anti-rust RCI Metalworks Engine Skid Plate with black powder coating moves effortlessly over off-road obstacles and protects the underneath elements of your Toyota 4Runner, GX460, and 10-14 FJ. This skid plate is available in two variants for supporting KDSS trucks and non-KDSS-equipped trucks. You can also choose the built material as laser-cut steel or aluminum based on your driving choices.

With center mounting points increasing the strength of the Toyota 4Runner skid plate, they protect your truck from physical damage and theft. This high-quality finish skid plate with openings for service and oil change can be easily installed in minutes without any drilling requirements.


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As off-road enthusiasts, we strongly recommend our skid plates for your off-road excursions. Protect the auto parts underneath your trucks from shocks and stray rocks. With the Scorpion catalytic converter and transmission security skid plates, you may increase the security of the bottom compartment of your Toyota. Depending on the year and model of your Truck, select from the Tacoma or Tundra or 4Runner, or FJ skid plates. The Scorpion skid plates with a limited lifetime warranty can be quickly mounted, as they support a simple bolt-on installation that requires no drilling. Visit us at for a hassle-free purchasing experience and free shipping on selected products. Get benefits from our Affirm scheme by shopping now and paying later facility, specially designed for off-road lovers like you.