off-road modifications

If you want to modify your vehicle for off-roading but are unsure what the best modifications for your truck are, you’ve come to the right place. Driving on rough terrain can typically do great damage to your vehicle over time. Fortunately, there are endless opportunities for off-road upgrades available for your truck at Toytec. Therefore, before you set off for your next adventure, consider the following upgrades:

  • Upgraded Bumpers Front and Back

The front and rear bumpers are among the best modifications that can completely change the appearance and function of your truck. Bumpers, especially the front one, protect your vehicle from possible collisions and against the elements. Additionally, bumpers allow for other modifications like added lights.

  • Lift Kit

The second modification you might need to consider is a lift kit to enhance your vehicle’s ground clearance. This can allow your car to maneuver even the toughest routes or any terrain. In conjunction with a lift kit, shocks, coilovers, upper control arms, leaf springs, and a leveling kit may also boost your vehicle’s suspension and improve its performance.

  • Snorkel

A Snorkel is an essential upgrade to help your vehicle to keep moving even when submerged in water. It works by diverting the exhaust fumes to exit from the top of the vehicle to ensure the engine does not fail.

  • Tow Hook/Hitch

If you are planning your trip, a tow hook or hitch may be a critical part of your journey. This component can come in handy if the going gets tough.

  • Winches

A winch is an important tool for getting your vehicle out of a sketchy situation. It provides controlled inputs usually required in impossible situations. For example, it can help pull a vehicle back onto its wheels.

  • Off-road Lights

Adding off-road lights provide those extra lumens you need for trail racing or nighttime drives. These lights, from cube lights to light bars, come in various patterns and can keep you safe during your off-roading activities.

  • Off-road Tires

Off-road tires are designed with aggressive tread patterns to provide a strong grip for wheels in extreme terrain like mud. With superb sidewalls, these tires can withstand the impact of damage from rocks and other off-road hazards.

  • Skid Plates

Skid plates help protect your vehicle’s undercarriage, including the radiator, drivetrain, and engine oil pan. This upgrade is beneficial for trucks with low ground clearance.

Shop Off-Road Part with Toytec

If you need to perform off-road modifications for your vehicle and looking for the right parts and accessories, look no further than Toytec. We carry a wide range of components to give your car a better look and function. Browse our collection of accessories and shop with us today!