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Tacoma has come a long way since it first arrived in the United States. The first generation Tacoma was introduced to the U.S. market in 1995 as a replacement for the Toyota Pickup, which was later rebranded to Hilux. The Tacoma was built for comfort and capability and has quickly become one of the most popular trucks on the market. While the Tacoma is engineered to be durable and tough, sometimes it might need a little enhancement and care to increase functionality. With aftermarket parts like bumpers, you can give your Toyota Tacoma the look you want while improving its functionality.

At Toytec, we carry an extensive range of Tacoma bumpers, available in countless style options and price ranges. These bumpers are designed for different model years, ensuring you find the right fit for your vehicle. Here are a few of our favorite Tacoma bumpers at Toytec.

LB3TAC - Lil Bs Hybrid Front Bumper for 2016+ Tacoma

Lil Bs Hybrid Front Bumper for 2016+ Tacoma

The LB3TAC - Lil Bs Hybrid Front Bumper is designed for Tacomas, released in 2016+. It provides additional stock capabilities, creating room for better ground clearance, winch adaption, accessory mounts, and approach angle.

The bumper includes a lighting system featuring a bracket for four pod lights – two on each side. It also comes with shackle mounts and a Winch-ready system compatible with most 10k winches.

56221 - Icon Tacoma Impact Series Rear Bumper

ICON Tacoma impact series rear bumper

If you want to increase the function, strength, and clearance of your Toyota Tacoma, we recommend you get the Icon Tacoma Impact Series Rear Bumper from Toytec. This rear bumper is designed to integrate with the factory tow hitch and often can preserve the OQ tow control receptacle. The Icon Tacoma Impact Series Rear Bumper includes back-facing light pod windows that allow for popular flush mount lights.

This pod is engineered to provide optimal protection for the lighting system, and its full-width design guards against unexpected terrain. Designed from CNC laser cut and precision brake-designed 3/16” steel with a satin black powder coat finish, this bumper performs as great as it looks. Our Impact Series Rear Bumpers are created for maximum off-road function and often feature high clearance and multi-faceted designs.

3423160K2 - ARB Front Summit Bumper for 2020+ Tacoma

ARB front summit bumper for 2020+ Tacoma

The ARB Front Summit Bumper is engineered for 2020+ Tacoma, works with the factory tow hitch, and offers improved strength and clearance. This bumper has durable steel construction for maximum protection on rough off-road. It features a unique design with a 30mm edge radius at the center and on the wings, 60.3mm tip tubing, redesigned fog light system, 2-piece polyethylene buffers, and wider press-formed cover straps.

The ARB Front Summit Bumper also includes ARB’s applauded multi-fold upswept & tapered wing construction for maximum strength. Its engineered airbag compatible securing system help protects the chassis through high tensile bolts.

3623040 - ARB Summit Rear Bumper for 2016+Tacoma

ARB summit rear bumper for 2016+ Tacoma

This bumper has been created to replace the typical OE rear bumper. With high-performance components like press-formed wings and lower diffuser panels engineered to complement the vehicle’s design, this rear bumper ensures optimal protection. The ARB Summit Rear Bumper preserves the OE tow bar system, including license plate and trailer wiring illumination.

The ARB Summit Rear Bumper works with rear park sensors, press-formed wings, black integrit finish, Hi-lift jack points, anodized extrusion step, and factory hitch. The press-formed wings are designed to mimic the design of the factory tub and still offer better protection than the original tow bar and back bumper.

Order Your Tacoma Bumper

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