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A fun-filled, safe, adventurous cruise over remote terrain is what every off-road enthusiast like you dreams about. Off-road accessories come in handy to make that overland adventure a memorable one. At ToytecLifts, as off-road enthusiasts ourselves, we know the importance of upgrading your truck with high-quality, reliable off-road parts. So, we carry a broad spectrum of Nitro Gear Packages to regear your vehicle to compensate for those bigger tires and heavier accesories, to add some miles to your adventure with better performance, better efficiency and less time on the repair rack.

Nitro Gear is a trusted brand in the differential and axle industry, providing dependable off-road essentials and coming up with new products to meet the evolving needs of every off-road lover. Nitro Gear launches new products after multiple inspections and real-time trials under the supervision of in-house experts to deliver highly professional products to its customers. Nitro Gear Packages can compensate for the side effects of adding after-market larger tires to your truck or SUV. You can readily order Nitro Gear Packages with all accessories for installation from our website,, and regear your vehicle for a perfect off-road ride.  

Why is regearing necessary? 


To understand the necessity of regearing, let's dig into the problem from its root. 

When you became the proud owner of your SUV or truck, you would have modified it with after-market off-road products to make it apt for the trails. Of the most, changing your vehicle’s factory tires with larger tires fit for off-road is the prime upgrade you do. Once you ride with the jumbo tires, you will feel its side effects like performance loss, power loss, slower take-off, increased wear of the drivetrain, and decreased fuel efficiency.   

Ever wondered, why this is happening? Its really pretty simple. It's a mechanical problem much like a bicycle. Larger tires make the axle spin faster, spinning your differential faster. So your engine, never gets a chance to get into that RPM power band, often causing an automatic transmission to rarely shift up and you're constantly bogging your engine.

Then there's heavy equipment. After adding campers, bumpers, accessories, and gear, your vehicle gets weighed down. While many trucks are designed to have a payload, that does wear out your transmission faster and your engine is in a constant state of being bogged down. That makes you dump more fuel just to get the engine's RPMs where they should be, reducing your engine and transmission's efficiency, and causing excess wear. These negative impacts are due to the stress put on the drivetrain by the new tire’s diameter, weight, and rolling resistance with additional weight. The factory-set gear ratio wasn't designed to handle the stress to deliver the same performance. The solution is re-gearing your truck with the Nitro Gear Packages available on

When you re-gear the differentials, the new ring and pinion gear ratios installed at the front and rear, cause your axles to spin at the right speed in relation to the transmission gear, causing the transmission to shift at its proper shift points and your engine to be at a proper RPM, increasing efficiency and performance while excess reducing wear.  You can also regear your 4x4 used for daily drives to improve performance.  

Before regearing, measure your tire size, calculate the required gear ratio, and look out for Nitro Gear Packages with proper fitment for your truck’s make and model.  


Why ToytecLifts for Nitro Gear Packages? 


At ToytecLifts, we have complete packages with Nitro Gears for Tundra, Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ cruiser, Lexus GX460 and 470, and Land Cruiser. All gear packages include rings and pinions for both front and rear, with separate installation kits. They also have accessories like carrier bearings and pre-load spacers for easy installation. To give you more insights about the products, let us dive into a few Nitro Gear Packages for Toyota available on ToytecLifts.  


GPTACO05PLUS - Nitro Gear Package  

The GPTACO05PLUS is a Nitro Gear for Tacoma trucks from the years between 2005 and 2015, without E-lockers. The package comes in three variants, providing gear ratios of 4.56, 4.88, and 5.29, allowing you to choose, generally according to your tire height. This package has rings and pinions with an installation kit and accessories for installation.  

Regearing your truck with these ring and pinions sets your differential with the correct gear ratio and brings RPMs back up, to improve the performance and efficiency of your Toyota Tacoma. You can go for it, even if you are not an off-road enthusiast, as it helps increase the durability and performance of towing and hauling with your vehicle.  

GPFJCRUISER-4 - Nitro Gear Package  

ToytecLifts offers GPFJCRUISER-4, a Nitro Gear Package for Toyota 2010 and newer FJ cruisers, 4Runner, Lexus GX460, and Land Cruiser Prado 150 with E-lockers, with two choices of gear ratios 4.56 and 4.88. You can also refer to the fitment details for more specific compatibility features like your vehicle’s year and transmission model.  

The package consists of high-quality rings and pinions made by precision machining and tested under the Rockwell Hardness process.  The gear forgings are highly wear-resistant and durable as their built material is 8620 steel. Upgrading your truck with this gear package accommodates the change in tire diameter without degrading the performance and power.   

We also offer the GPFJCRUISER-3 for vehicles without the stock e-locker, as well as GPFJCRUISER-2 and GPFJCRUISER-1 for older models with and with our the factory e-locker.

GPTACO2016 - Nitro Gear Package 

GPTACO2016 is an ideal package of Nitro Gear for Tacoma with automatic transmission and no locker models after 2016, supporting three differential gear ratio values of 4.56, 4.88, and 5.29. The kit includes OE-quality rear carrier bearings for holding the axle without any vibrations leading to its wear.  

The 16+ Toyota Tacoma models need regearing even with the factory tires, as its sixth gear is ineffective and affects the transmission quality. The GPTACO2016 package provides the much-needed transmission performance and fuel economy back to the factory level and tops the Nitro Gear Packages as a best-seller.  

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Regearing is an essential modification for your truck before you hit off-road. It has equal prominence in your daily-driven vehicles too. Use the RPM calculator at ToytecLifts to find the correct gear ratio for your upgraded tires and choose the best compatible gears after reviewing all the Nitro Gear Packages for Toyota.  

Order the right package and grab the two-year warranty. In addition, we provide an affirm payments offer so that you can buy now and pay later. All the Nitro Gears for Tundra, Tacoma, and other models are delivered directly from the manufacturer. As the gear packages have individual installation kits for the front and rear, the installation process is easy and time-saving. If struck in the installation or product selection, don’t hesitate to call our experts.